Update on Kids — Photos GALORE!

A whole lot is going on (economy sucks, if that gives you any clue to whats been going on around here!)  but nothing to report of any importance besides stuff about the kids that I want to document.

Camden is now 19 months old and doing better than I could have ever imagined.  He is still super tiny…not on the charts (American charts that is.)  His pediatrician seemed concerned about this at his 18 month well check, but she’s also not taking into account

 1. He’s Asian

 2. Was in an orphanage for his first 12 months

 3. According to his adoption docs and the weight documented, he was more than likely a preemie (again American standards.)

4.  Eats mainly fruits and veggies, as he dislikes most meats.  

She suggested lathering his food in butter and oil and doing a follow up every 6 months with her.  Neither is going to happen since he eats and is proportionate for his size.   I tend to freak out about every little thing, but this is not a concern for us.  If he loses weight or shows signs of not wanting to eat, then I’ll take some action.  He is still in 6-12 months (Gymb*ree) and 9 month (Carter$) but he’s starting to fit in some of the 12 month clothes I bought for him months ago.  I’m getting tired of putting him in the same ol’ clothes, so I am quite excited.

He’s talking so much and he is so proud of himself when we repeat back to him the word he just said.  He then knows we understand and gets a huge smile.  His favorite words are dog, kitty (ke-ke), bye, hi, no, shoe, mom (muhhmmm), da-da, sissy (izzy), poop, ewwww!!! (his favorite), eye, nose, and beee (his blanket,) and the never ending OWWWIEE (explanation below.)  He can say tons of words but those are his everyday words and most are repeated 100 times or more in a 10 minute span.  Angelica is a talker or as papa says “windy”, so we are prepared.  When my attention isn’t focused 100% on him, he’ll put his hands on my cheeks and move my head to face him, it’s so cute.  He gives me tight hugs by wrapping his tiny arms around my neck, bring his knees up to my chest, sqeezes tightly as he pats my neck. He still enjoys books, nursery rhymes, coloring, playing in his sandbox, water-table and swinging.  He loves to help me unload the dishwasher, carry laundry to the laundry room, pick up toys, etc.  He’s a good helper and a great listener when I ask him to do things for me.  He’d spend all day outside if I’d let him, which I do up until 7pm.  He has free range in our back yard, but wants me to be with him 100% of the time.  Every once in a while I can go inside to clean or get stuff done, but he usually starts crying or comes back in the house once I am out of sight.  He is all mama’s boy and I love it. 

When he gets hurt, he says “owie” and immidiately comes to me to show me where he got hurt (although a fly could of landed on his arm, he’d still say “owie”.)  Partly this extreme need to show me his pain, started with me wanting to show him I am his comfort since he didn’t want me to comfort him and didn’t understand I was his comfort.  Those first few weeks he would rarely allow me to hold him for comfort, which broke my heart.  He now has no problem letting the world know he has a boo-boo and needs his mama, I love it! 

Another orphanage behavior he had was food and his bottle.  He wouldn’t allow me to touch his bottle without screaming in defense.  He also didn’t like being fed, he wanted to feed himself.  He now allows me to touch his bottle – he still wants to feed himself but will allow me to hold it with him.  He will allow me at times to feed him but I think he enjoys his food and wants to take full advantage of having it at all times, so he wants to feed himself, although he’ll allow me to do it as well.  He is still extremely protective of HIS food.  He will share if you ask but if you try to take his food, you have better be ready for a fight!  I don’t know what happened in that orphanage but it was fight or flight and he was a fighter.  I guess this is part of survivor skills living in an orphanage.  I didn’t expect any of the food issues due to him being 12 months when he came home but it was there and creeps up at times.

He is a very shy, reserved little boy with strangers.  Which is the total opposite of Angelica at his age and even now.  He doesn’t like to look people he doesn’t know in the eye.  It takes him a long time to warm up to people.  He thrives around other kids, however. 

 He does not do well with change (another opposite to Angelica.)  We had a long road trip this past week and it was tough for him.  He broke out with eczema, grinded his teeth, refused to eat, and had a couple of restless nights.  This same thing happened at Heritage Camp (at the time I contributed it to him being sick), and another time when we went camping.  So we will try to stay put when possible in order to avoid stress for him.  I often wonder if the reason for him being so tiny is because he didn’t eat well at the orphanage due to stress.  I think it’s highly likely.

Angelica is getting ready to start 1st grade.  She says she is excited, but a little nervous.  I am more nervous for her.  I hated those first days of school.  She continues to struggle with writing and her fine motor skills but compensates a lot by having an incredible memory.  This girl doesn’t forget a thing and memorizes everything!  I am confident she will do just as well this year in school as she did last year.  I never imagined she’d be reading by the end of Kindergarten, but she amazed me beyond words with her determination to learn.  She’s as goofy and outgoing as always.  Constantly on the move.  She’s a great sister and I am so proud of how she has opened her heart up to Camden.  She’s his little mother hen and is so protective and loving towards him, never a jealous bone in her body towards him.  Again, I am so proud of her.  She has always been a mama’s girl and had that ripped right out from under her when Camden came along.  She’s been a trooper and has matured and grown so much this past year.  I’m treasureing these younger years so much because they fly.  I am lucky, so very lucky!


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I am back, well…..

for today anyway.  I feel like I’m missing out on documenting my kids’ milestones by not blogging.  I could journal or scrap-book but this is funner.  I’m going to try to make an effort to get back into the blogging world.  I’ve continued to read blogs through blogger but rarely comment.  I’ve been in a state of blog blah since Camden came home.  Camden keeps me busy and his feet rarely touch the floor and this has contributed a lot to my absent and I’ll go into that more in a later post but that is a lot of the reason for my disappearance.

Not much has changed since my last posts.  Well, except we are finally scabbie-free in our home.  What a flippn’ nightmare.  I seriously do not know how children in orphanages cope with that constant itch 24/7 without going absolutely nuts.  No joke, it’s the most miserable thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life!  Poor babies and kids!

Onto Camden….

Camden has been home for 5 months now.  He IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our bond is indescribable.   Having a son IS the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.  The love is like nothing I could’ve ever imagined.  He is an incredible little boy who has stole my heart.  Boys are so different than girls.  If you asked me 2.5 years ago if I’d ever adopt a boy, I would have said “HELL NO!!!!!!!!”  and yes, with that many exclamation points!  I was one of those people who only wanted girls, ever.  I admit it!  A boy was not an option.  I’m not sure what changed my mind, I can’t pin-point the time or moment when I decided a boy would be okay.  I’m sure I realized how selfish I was being and I was being silly.  If I’m to be 100% honest (and my closest friends know this about me), I have always thought of boys as dirty, booger nosed–snot pasted permanently to their lip, wild things and I wanted NO PART OF THEM.  Looking back I almost think I have my brother to blame for this horrible misconception about boys……sorry bro, but you were always farting and wiping boogers on me as a kid and I thought you were dis-gus-ting!  Now I realize, you were only like this with me because I was your little sister.  And shame on those mom’s who never wipe their kids’ noises or clean their faces before leaving the house, boy or girl — it’s just gross and mean!  Anyway, I was wrong-wrong-wrong!  Boys are amazing!!!!


Angelica has adjusted amazingly well to this new little being who has stole her mother.  She is 6 years old and is such a  loving, caring, protective, understanding, unselfish (is that a word?) big sister who absolutely loves her brother.  She’s a wild kid herself (100% tom-boy.  I am sure this contributed to adopting a boy too bc she practically is a boy.) and loves playing with Camden and showing him the ropes.  It’s so fun to watch them play together.  She’s very motherly to him especially when he gets in trouble (climbing on the kitchen table, hitting the dog with a toy, destroying my stack of newly folded bath towels, etc….)  He runs to her crying and she rescues him from the big bad wolf by patting him on the back, kissing him on the head and telling him “it’s okay, it’s okay.”  It’s really sweet.  Shockingly, there has been no jealousy even with Camden’s neediness and only wanting me.  She’s been great and a big help.  I am so grateful for her caring nature to Camden and his needs. 


I’ll leave you with some photos.




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I’ve Moved

Just kidding!  Not really……I never ended up blogging over there either. 


My blog that is.  Back over to blogspot.  www.clippingsofmine.blogspot.com  I’ll be closing this blog shortly.

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The never ending scabies!!!!!!!!!!!!

They’re back or I should say never left because now I HAVE the little bastards! Yes, me! I thought I had really dry skin on my thighs but oh no. I started doing some research and yep, my worst fear. I realize there are worse things out there but STILL. ICK! So I’ve treated myself, Lanny and Angelica. I’ll treat Camden tomorrow since he’s in bed and I lathered him with tons of lotion after his bath before I did my research.

I treated him immidiately that first night together, then again 2 days later, the night we got home (Colorado) and then again 3 wks later per the Doctor. How did this happen????? ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate to treat him for a 5th time.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Anybody else get scabies after returning from their adoption? I never got it from Angelica when she had it and we were together a week before we knew what it was. Strange!!!!!!

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Sleep and attachment

So complicated.

From what I’ve read about newly adopted children from Vietnam out there in blog land, our kiddos seem to have some sort of sleep problem and we are no exception to that rule. 

Angelica was a good night sleeper, would wake for a bottle and that was it.  Absolutely hated naps though.  Occasionally, once every 3-4 months, from the age of 12 months – 2 years she would have a night terror.  The night terror was frightening for all of us b/c she seemed to be in a trance and talking to her, holding her, calling her name, etc. would not stop the screaming.  Usually turning the lights and tv on would wake her out of it.  Since the age of two  the night terrors are rare but she did have one  only about 6 months ago when she was sick. 

Now with Camden, the sleep problems seem to be getting worse.   I do not believe he is having night terrors.  The first few nights were good.  He’d start crying and I’d lay him on my chest and he’d go back to sleep.  For the past couple of weeks he wakes at least 10 times with either a yell, scream or crying.  Usually I can get him back to sleep with patting to the back, rubbing him or putting him on my chest.  He’s not a ‘bottle baby’ so the bottle in the night doesn’t work.  He is so restless.  It’s almost as if he never fully goes to sleep at night.  After the first week of this, we put him in bed with us (I was tired of getting up every 1/2 an hr. to pat his back.)  But it hasn’t helped, he continues to be restless.  He’s waking more and more.  Anyone else experience this?  There are times now that a simple pat, rub, cuddle doesn’t help and I finally have to get him out of bed for an hr. or so and then go back to bed.  Poor guy, I wish there was something I could do to help him sleep better.  He’s not stiff, just restless. 

He is a cuddle bug but on his terms and ONLY on his terms.  Today he was so tired (bad night sleep) and would not take a nap.  I’d hold him and he’d want down…I’d put him down, then he’d want up, etc. etc. this continued until I finally held on to him tightly and wouldn’t let him go.  He fought and fought me until he cried himself to sleep in my arms.  I’ve read that this is vital in order for him to understand I am his comfort and his safe haven.  He continues to gravitate towards me and always wants to be held but then pushes me away in times when he needs love.  I never experienced this with Angelica.  It feels so foreign.   I know it takes time and he is making so much progress.  Thanks for reading if you made it this far…I’m just babbling and trying to figure this stuff out.

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